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Tuesday, 30 July 2019 18:58

How is the preparation of educational institutions for the school year, discussed in Minsk Regional Executive Committee

How is the preparation of educational institutions for the school year, discussed in Minsk Regional Executive Committee

On July 29, a videoconference was held at the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, during which they reviewed how the preparation of the regional educational institutions is proceeding for the new school year

The Deputy Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, Ivan Markevich, to the heads of departments (departments) of education of the district executive committees invited to the district studios, asked specific questions about the process of preparing schools and gymnasiums for the admission of students. For institutions where work is still underway, the deadlines for their completion.

Ivan Stanislavovich focused the attention of managers on the need for the provision of institutions with sports equipment, training of stadiums, training classes, provision of buses for the transportation of children. He also noted that the regions are quite actively involved in the work of preparing educational institutions for a new academic year.

Sofia Filistovich, First Deputy Head of the Main Department for Education of the Regional Executive Committee, emphasized that this year the process of preparing for a new academic year is proceeding at a faster pace than in the past. Also, Sofia Petrovna reported that on September 1, 1104 educational institutions will continue to work in Minsk Region. About 800 young specialists will arrive by the beginning of the year.It is planned to put into operation a secondary school for 720 children in Borisov, a kindergarten for 230 children in the village of Borovlyany of the Minsk region, a nursery school in the village of Starobin Soligorsk area.As part of the preparation of educational institutions, by the beginning of the school year, repair work was carried out at 552 objects, and a number of fire safety measures were also taken. 1159 institutions are equipped with video surveillance systems, installed 430 panic buttons.For 11,983 students will be organized transportation to the place of study. The central education department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee has planned the centralized purchase of 22 buses, and it is planned to purchase 4 school buses from Dzerzhinsky, Pukhovichsky, Slutsk and Smolevichsky districts from the regional budget.Much attention is paid to the purchase of sports equipment, computer equipment, refrigeration and technological equipment.The heads of educational institutions together with the GOVD and the ROVD organized monitoring of the state of the road network near educational institutions.Lump sum payment is made to families bringing up three or more schoolchildren. Total payment is planned for 32,427 students from 16,198 large families in the amount of 1,786.16 thousand rubles. On July 24, assistance was provided to 3,380 families for 7,125 schoolchildren in the amount of 391,000 rubles.

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